Weekend reading


Everything you need to know about Abercrombie’s hijab court case. Short summary: Abercrombie is awful.

The most anti-women assertions at this year’s CPAC conference.

Prisoners at California’s maximum-security prison are making an album with singer-songwriter Zoe Boekbinder.

How to hire a woman film director.

Men complain more than women about work-family conflicts.

What a debate between two college students reveals about class in America.

Prison phone companies have found a new way to squeeze money out of families.

In case you missed this gem, an Idaho politician weighing in on abortion restrictions thinks the stomach and vagina are connected.


Author: Rebecca Griffin

I am a passionate advocate for progressive causes with over a decade of experience organizing for social change. That organizing experience informs the way I look at the world and the challenges we face in working toward social justice. I started Of Means and Ends to write about social issues I care about and share my thoughts on how we organize in a smart, strategic way. Please visit and join the conversation.

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