Organization of the month: Southern Poverty Law Center



As we come to terms with the devastation that a Trump administration could bring, many organizations are going to need our time, energy and dollars. With reports of hate crimes on the rise perpetrated by people emboldened by Trump’s racist, xenophobic, misogynist rhetoric, the Southern Poverty Law Center will play an important role.

SPLC monitors the activities of hate groups around the country like the Ku Klux Klan (which, remarkably, has endorsed the president-elect). They also have a team of lawyers and advocates fighting for economic and racial justice and working to combat mass incarceration. Their work will be crucial as we stand up to the hatred Trump incites and will try to codify with his team of bigots. You can find out more here and donate here.


Author: Rebecca Griffin

I am a passionate advocate for progressive causes with over a decade of experience organizing for social change. That organizing experience informs the way I look at the world and the challenges we face in working toward social justice. I started Of Means and Ends to write about social issues I care about and share my thoughts on how we organize in a smart, strategic way. Please visit and join the conversation.

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