I believe progressives can win. I am an unapologetic feminist. I reject the notion that this is a center-right country. With smart, strategic organizing, progressives can achieve victories an implement a feminist, anti-racist social justice agenda.

Of Means and Ends refers to a chapter in Rules for Radicals, a foundational organizing text that I, like many people, was pointed toward when I first started working for political change. I have spent over ten years working in issue advocacy, taking on every task from canvassing door to door to lobbying state and federal legislators to planning grassroots campaigns to running an issue PAC that helps elect progressive congressional candidates.

The lessons I’ve learned through those years of advocacy work inform how I view the challenges feminists and progressives face. I started this blog to share and discuss inspiring actions and thoughts on a vision of the more just world many of us would like to see and how we effectively organize to get there.

When I’m not working for or writing about political change, you can find me singing jazz, cooking vegetarian food, and nerding out on comedy, film, TV and books.

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