10 books for our current political moment

We can hardly predict what the next four years hold for us, but the signs are anything but encouraging. We need to steel ourselves for the fight ahead, learn from the past and find comfort and encouragement anywhere we can, including books.

Here is some recommended reading for your holidays that feels just right for our political moment: Continue reading “10 books for our current political moment”


Politicians are ignorant about reproductive freedom, and we need to educate them


It has certainly not gone unnoticed that women’s reproductive freedom has been at the mercy of mostly male politicians who have never had to grapple with the real impact of access to reproductive healthcare (except perhaps when arranging an abortion for a mistress). Just this past week, we saw two examples of men in power who are aggressively ignorant about the reality women deal with in this country and how abortion and birth control affect our lives.  Continue reading “Politicians are ignorant about reproductive freedom, and we need to educate them”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s rallying cry for the Trump age


We’ve heard a lot of prescriptions for how to behave in the wake of what was for many of us a devastating election. We’ve been told to come together behind our president and respect the office. We’ve been told to try harder to understand the pain of white people who voted for Trump, and deemphasize the pain of people of color and women who are terrorized by his rhetoric and policies. We’ve been told not to overreact, that his future behavior may defy every ounce of evidence he’s shown us of who he is and what he stands for. Continue reading “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s rallying cry for the Trump age”

Not shrews or saints: let’s treat women like human beings


The flip side of the torrent of misogyny unleashed on Hillary Clinton this election season (and frankly, most of her professional life) is the idea that we should elect women because we have magical womanly qualities that will make us kinder, gentler, more effective leaders. We’re nurturing. We’re compassionate. We care for the earth and its inhabitants as if they were our own wee children.  Continue reading “Not shrews or saints: let’s treat women like human beings”

Experiencing, trying to avoid and constantly hearing about sexual assault are exhausting for women


Donald Trump’s candidacy isn’t funny anymore. We can’t look at the news without hearing about Trump barging into dressing rooms where women are naked, groping women and even objectifying a 10-year-old girl. It’s exhausting to face an onslaught of disgusting and demoralizing stories, and to see the responses rooted in rape culture that show why Donald Trump wasn’t shut down a long time ago. Continue reading “Experiencing, trying to avoid and constantly hearing about sexual assault are exhausting for women”

Mandatory minimums aren’t the answer for dealing with sexual assault


People have been rightly outraged at the leniency shown to Brock Turner, a white student who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. The sentencing highlighted how class and race privilege can turn a perpetrator into a sympathetic figure in the eyes of the justice system, a leniency that is not granted to most people who enter a courtroom.

California has responded by passing a new law creating a mandatory minimum sentence for sexually assaulting an incapacitated person. While their desire to respond to the case is understandable, the new law is likely to do more harm and won’t help in deterring sexual assault.  Continue reading “Mandatory minimums aren’t the answer for dealing with sexual assault”

5 podcasts by women of color you should know

I’m on vacation right now, and as a serious podcast nerd I am most certainly spending a lot of time catching up on my favorite podcasts. There’s a lot to love about the medium, but one of the best things is the platform it gives to people who are sadly underrepresented in traditional media. Here are five of my favorite podcasts helmed by women of color that I highly recommend.  Continue reading “5 podcasts by women of color you should know”