Abandoning voters of color would be immoral and shortsighted


As we survey the wreckage from the 2016 election, the lessons we draw will have implications for years to come. Everyone has a pet theory about why things went so terribly wrong for Democrats in a year when most thought victory was assured. The decisions made in the wake of this election will determine whether the left can stem the tide as Republicans now control the vast majority of state legislatures as well as the federal government. They will determine whether the Democratic Party will be a vibrant, relevant vehicle for implementing progressive policy in the future. They will determine how effectively we can fight in the meantime and protect the people who have the most to lose under a Trump presidency.  Continue reading “Abandoning voters of color would be immoral and shortsighted”

Fighting for the soul of a political party


The seemingly never-ending slog of choosing candidates for president has more to offer than dick measuring contests and misogynist attacks on people’s wives. It’s an opportunity to define the vision of the two major political parties and send a message to politicians about the future we want for our country.  Continue reading “Fighting for the soul of a political party”

(White) people need to call Donald Trump racist


When Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were asked in a debate last week if Donald Trump is racist, the correct answer was “YES,” followed by a mic drop.  Continue reading “(White) people need to call Donald Trump racist”