Organization of the month: National Network of Abortion Funds


While the Supreme Court has affirmed that Americans have a constitutional right to abortion, it doesn’t mean getting one is easy. While the ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt finally struck a blow against some of the nation’s most draconian anti-abortion laws, there are still hundreds of laws on the books that make a getting an abortion more difficult, and anti-choice groups are finding new and creative ways to block access. Low income women and women of color suffer the most in the fact of these restrictions.

Whether it’s a law that requires you to go to a faraway clinic twice because there’s a mandatory waiting period, or the Hyde amendment that blocks funding for abortions for low-income women, these restrictions can make accessing reproductive healthcare prohibitively expensive. The National Network of Abortion Funds works to make sure that abortion isn’t just a right on paper. You can donate to them directly, and/or choose from their list of local abortion funds who need support in the ongoing effort to make universal abortion access a reality.


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You can’t be pro-choice and pro-Hyde


There are many people who say (at least in a hypothetical situation) that abortion wouldn’t ever be a choice for them, but they don’t think anyone should interfere with a woman’s choice to have an abortion. Some of them would call themselves pro-choice. The important thing is that they do not believe their personal feelings need to be reflected in the laws that govern every person in this country. Combine those people with ardent advocates for reproductive freedom, and you get a solid majority in this country.  Continue reading “You can’t be pro-choice and pro-Hyde”

Anti-choice groups may be following you into an abortion clinic through your phone


Most of us have no idea what we’re signing off on when we agree to the terms of an app we’ve downloaded. There’s a huge amount of data about us that companies have access to thanks to our ever-present smart phones. An investigation by Rewire reveals a chilling new implication: anti-choice groups are using geo-fencing to advertise to women while they are inside abortion clinics.  Continue reading “Anti-choice groups may be following you into an abortion clinic through your phone”

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