Weekend reading


Actress Aya Cash talks about ageism in Hollywood

No touching. No human contact. The hidden toll on jail inmates who spend months or years along in a 7×9 foot cell

Corrections Corporation of America plans layoffs and CEO pay cuts as its stock keeps dropping

Florida ballot initiative would make abortion, birth control punishable by death

Resources for what to do instead of calling the police

A syllabus full of great resources from a course on the Black Lives Matter movement 

Weekend reading


The Because of Them, We Can Project “connect[s] a new generation to heroes who have paved the way” with photos of kids as inspiring figures of the past and present.

Amanda Hess calls for an end to the condescending, sexist trope of “how to explain [complicated thing] to your mom.”

Stand your ground law is poised to get even worse in Florida.

How “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection” raises gendered ideas about men schooling women about music.

A rich white man gets no jail time for raping a three-year-old because he “will not fare well” in prison. (Petition here).

Willa Paskin on Inside Amy Schumer as the most sneakily feminist show on television.