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Like a lot of white people, politicians need to get more comfortable talking about race

Hillary Clinton is in the spotlight with her recent book release and not-yet-really-a-campaign for president. As she warms up her talking points, she’s stumbled over a couple of¬†sensitive issues (see her “word salad” about marriage equality). Kay Steiger at Talking Points Memo wonders why Clinton had such a difficult time addressing racism in a recent CNN town hall. You can see the full clip above. Here’s a transcript of the tail end where she’s asked about race impacting people’s vehement opposition to President Obama:¬† Continue reading “Like a lot of white people, politicians need to get more comfortable talking about race”

Toxic masculinity won’t save us

photo via talkingpointsmemo
photo via talkingpointsmemo.com

The conflation of stereotypical masculinity and leadership is nothing new. There’s ample discussion of how it plays out everywhere from the workplace to the political sphere. Perennial non-favorite columnist and pundit David Brooks hit on this theme on Meet the Press yesterday in reference to President Obama’s foreign policy: Continue reading “Toxic masculinity won’t save us”