Why don’t white people believe people of color about racism?


After the tragic police shootings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, some white people fell into a typical offensive behavior pattern. Despite damning video evidence, they want to know more about the story. They insist that if black people only behaved a certain way, and taught their children to do the same, they wouldn’t have to worry about being killed by police.  Continue reading “Why don’t white people believe people of color about racism?”


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Attitudes about Black Lives Matter parallel attitudes about the civil rights movement


We’ve all probably seen some kind of documentary about the civil rights movement and scoffed at the ignorant white person who complained that the movement was “moving too fast” or that they were going to alienate people with their tactics. It’s safe and comfortable and we have the distance of history and hindsight that allows us to admire their bravery and support their efforts.  Continue reading “Attitudes about Black Lives Matter parallel attitudes about the civil rights movement”

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Wednesday watch: 4 Black Lives Matter myths debunked

Many of us dread getting into a conversation with an “All Lives Matter” person. In the heat of this election season and the growing power of the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re likely to have a lot more discussions with people who cling to myths about BLM and what it represents.

As Franchesca Ramsey points out, we need to have these uncomfortable conversations in order to make progress. Her video offers a handy guide to debunking 4 common arguments people make against Black Lives Matter.