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Why does Hollywood keep deleting women’s faces from posters?

A “staggering number” of vets end up homeless after experiencing sexual violence in the military.

Airlines in the US are still kicking Muslim passengers off their planes for no reason.

You have to  drive an hour for a rape kit in rural America.

From Occupy to Black Lives Matter: how nonviolent resistance is shaping the 2016 elections.

Bitch Media talks to Phoebe Robinson about hilarious new podcast 2 Dope Queens.

Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter pays tribute to Prince.


Weekend reading


Political activists unite to remind Americans as racism flourishes: #WeAreBetterThanThis

The 13 women who accused a cop of sexual assault, in their own words.

Black students respond to affirmative action hearing with #StayMadAbby.

Adam Gopnik dismantles 6 myths from the gun debate.

IBM apologizes for demeaning women engineers with new commercial.

First these cops shot 140 bullets at a black couple. Then they complained about reverse racism.

There are 44 NFL players who have been accused of physical or sexual assault.

Black Lives Matter takes on police union contracts.

Dutch pranksters trick people with “Quran” passages from the Bible.

Weekend reading


The racially charged San Francisco police shooting you don’t know about but should.

Every high school student in Sweden will get a free copy of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Be Feminists

A Missouri Democrat proposes putting the same restrictions on guns as abortion.

Targeting racist trolls by putting their comments on billboards.

Marriage equality has boosted state and local economies by $813 million.

The Intersection podcast talks about Tamir Rice a year after his murder by Cleveland police.

10 things you should know about the shooting of Laquan McDonald by police.

Texas nonprofit will settle two Syrian refugee families despite governor’s order not to.

Lawmaker who was a “life member” of the NRA quits after the San Bernardino massacre.