10 fabulous podcasts hosted by fabulous women

Lauren Lapkus

Like many things in our culture, the burgeoning world of podcasting has been dominated by men. But Alex Madison at Bitch Magazine has a great piece about why women’s voices are becoming more prominent in the medium. Women host two of the top three podcasts on iTunes, Serial and the new Invisibilia. I am a huge podcast nerd and spend just about any spare moment I can find with my earbuds in working through my constantly updating feed. In the spirit of highlighting kickass women in podcasting, here are my recommendations for podcasts hosted by women to add to the ones Madison highlights in her piece.

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Want to know what’s going on in the world? Ask a comedian.


I know I’m not the only one to say I wouldn’t survive an election cycle without The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (mourning that loss already). There is a long history of comedians saying things others can’t or won’t say, analyzing our society in ways that cut more deeply than what we see in the news, while also making us laugh. Those efforts can reverberate in ways small and large, from Amy Schumer changing policy on the use of the word “pussy” to Hannibal Buress pushing the Bill Cosby allegations back into the spotlight. 

I spend hours listening to comedy podcasts, watching funny TV shows, going to live standup performances both because it’s just fun and healthy and energizing to laugh, and because hearing people find a compelling, amusing way to comment on injustice is cathartic and necessary. There are so many wonderful comedians out there who do this every day. Here is a small selection of some who have made the case for the value of comedic voices on these issues just in recent weeks.  Continue reading “Want to know what’s going on in the world? Ask a comedian.”