Wednesday watch: How do you know it was racism?

W. Kamau Bell is one of my favorite comedians because he combines smart takes on political issues and a passion for social justice with also just being very funny. In this video from his new album, he talks about frustrations with white people not believing people of color when they say something was racist.


Wednesday watch: Riot

Refinery 29 has created a female-driven YouTube channel called Riot that is worth your time. As creative director Julie Miller told Indiewire, “RIOT is an uprising. It’s a space for women to make comedy for everyone and not feel like they have to skew male.” It features series such as “Woke Bae” with Phoebe Robinson and “How to Weep in Public” with Jacqueline Novak. This video is from a series called “Womanhood,” featuring fantastic comedians Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone. Say goodbye to a few hours of your day.

Weekend reading

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Wednesday watch: Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions

Last month, the Supreme Court struck down two provisions of Texas’ draconian anti-abortion law HB 2 and affirmed the constitutional right to abortion in stronger terms than many of us had dared to hope. It was an amazing victory that gives energy and momentum to the reproductive freedom movement.

And the sad fact is, we’re going to need it. New anti-choice laws went into effect in about one-fifth of states on July 1st. There are laws in this country that mandate waiting periods, that force women to look at ultrasounds, even ones that appoint a lawyer for a fetus or require burial or cremation of aborted fetuses. Then there are anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers that trick women and try to block their access to reproductive health care.

We have a fight ahead of us, and a little humor always helps along the way. This new video from NARAL Pro-Choice America features comedians Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green in a parody of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” that shows them navigating the barriers that make it difficult to access abortion (full disclosure: I was involved in the production of this video).

Wednesday watch: Lady Dynamite


There’s nobody quite like Maria Bamford. She brings a facility with voices and an endearing, off-kilter personality to stand-up comedy that tackles heavy subjects like her own struggles with mental illness. I was thrilled to hear she was teaming up with Mitch Hurwitz of Arrested Development on her own show for Netflix. It’s out, and it has exceeded my expectations. If you like the surreal, multi-layered humor of Arrested Development, the tone of this show will be resonate with you. In addition to being hilarious, it weaves in issues like mental illness, misogyny and racism seamlessly. Watch the trailer below, and stream the whole first season immediately.


Weekend reading


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Wednesday watch: it’s harder for Samantha Bee to get a costume than a gun


Last week, I had the immense pleasure of attending a live taping of Samantha Bee’s fantastic new show Full Frontal. Not only is Bee hilarious, but she’s a pro; she managed to deliver every bit smoothly in one take. During the taping, I also realized that there were so many women doing jobs that probably are held by men on most other shows–the stage manager, the warm-up comic, the camera operator. I’m so thrilled that her show has been picked up for more episodes and her much-needed voice will continue to be on late night.

One of the segments from that episode is a prime example of just how smart and cutting her comedy can be. It chronicles how she came up against onerous regulations the NRA has for buying or renting their mascots costume, far more onerous than anything they would ever allow for gun purchases. Her approach perfectly captures the absurdity and is a must-watch.