Weekend reading


The Stranger skewers sexist music journalism.

Cop caught on video telling black teen, “If you fuck with me, I’m going to break your legs.

A full-time minimum wage job won’t get you a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the US.

NASA thought Sally Ride needed 100 tampons for one week in space.

A statistical analysis shows that women and people of color are vastly underrepresented in New Yorker cartoons.

Funny women Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Gina Rodriguez and more talk about sexism in Hollywood.

Comedian W. Kamau Bell shares the story of a racist encounter in Berkeley and discusses how to talk to children about racism.

A comic that perfectly explains wealth and privilege.

A group of wealthy young people is raising money for “black liberation.”


Weekend reading


Lindsay King-Miller on the new Dove ad and the expectation that women should have to feel beautiful.

Amy Davidson on the Walter Scott video and how “videos, like pictures, are effective only when the people looking at them are willing to really see what’s there.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Walter Scott and overreliance on the criminal justice system to try to solve problems.

As part of Mother Jones’ investigation into the cost of gun violence, they looked at what it’s like to be a survivor of gun violence.

Also, 16 charts that show the true cost of gun violence in the US.

A women’s healthcare bill failed to get through the Democratically-controlled Oregon state legislature because of its abortion provision.

A CEO lowered his salary to $70,000 and increased all employees’ salaries to $70,000.

Weekend reading


Celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 21 years on the Supreme Court.

A male CEO explains why he’s quitting for better work/life balance and discusses the double standards around career and gender.

The perfect response to people who say they don’t want Muslims on their flights.

A new billboard campaign teaches tourists about states’ poor treatment of women.

15 pioneering women in computer science.

The interim president of Kentucky State University is giving up $90,000 of his salary to give minimum wage workers a raise.