Wednesday watch: Supreme Court v. the American Voter

Republicans who have seen their base dwindle have focused in recent years on egregious attacks on voting rights designed to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. While they claim they are protecting the integrity of elections, voter fraud has not been proven to be an actual problem, and in moments of candor they have more or less admitted the real reason behind these laws.

This will be the first election since the Supreme Court struck down provisions of the historic Voting Rights Act. This op-doc from the New York Times shows how this decision happened and just what is at stake for voters and for our democracy at large.



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The danger of courting white swing voters


It must be pretty sweet to be a white swing voter. Political campaigns blow millions of dollars catering to your every whim. Politicians ask what you think before they step out on a major policy program, despite the fact that your views aren’t representative of the majority of Americans. The changing demographics of this country mean it’s well past time to stop obsessing over a shrinking population that’s out of sync with the right direction for this country. Continuing to cater to those voters can have dire consequences, in politics and more importantly in policies that deeply impact people’s lives. Continue reading “The danger of courting white swing voters”

Politicians, take note


I’ve heard more times than I’d care to that the US is a center-right country, and that’s why progressives aren’t winning as much as we would like. This analysis has infected the political class, and a self-reinforcing cycle ensues in which politicians are afraid to take any kind of risk because they expect blowback. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones highlighted an interesting study that calls these assumptions into question [emphasis mine]: Continue reading “Politicians, take note”

Democrats: stop catering to white men

photo via
photo via

One of the only things worse than seeing right-wing Republicans sweep an election is seeing Democrats take that drubbing and interpret it as an indication that they need to act more like Republicans. Which is why I wanted to yell “hallelujah!” when I read these comments from Dannel Malloy, the governor of Connecticut and the person poised to take over the Democratic Governors Association:  Continue reading “Democrats: stop catering to white men”

Don’t give up on voting just yet

Voter photobombing Mitch McConnell, via
Voter photobombing Mitch McConnell, via

Last week was rough for progressives, to put it mildly. Some reactionary, frightening candidates were able to win competitive races and take over the Senate. Key governorships were lost. Of course, this is all cyclical to a degree, as Jon Stewart pointed out by pulling up some 2-year-old footage about the “bloodbath” endured by Republicans. There are many conversations to be had about what our side could have done better in various races. In the meantime, people will face real consequences, whether they’re young immigrants who are waiting for their chance to become citizens or low-income people who desperately need the Medicaid expansion that Republican governors refuse to implement. It can be incredibly disheartening to people who poured time and money into this year’s elections, and made their voices heard at the ballot box. Some people want to throw their hands up at a process that seems to have been coopted by the Koch brothers and their friends. Amidst the deluge of bad news, we can’t lose sight of the real, meaningful impact we still managed to have this election.

Continue reading “Don’t give up on voting just yet”