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The kids who rocked the racial justice movement in 2016

If someone doesn’t like immigrants, ask them this question

Democrats don’t have a “religion problem”

Study: racism and sexism predict support for Trump much more than economic dissatisfaction

16 women of color who made history in 2016

Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted

Instead of trashing homeless camps, this city is providing them trash pickup 

Black Lives Matter launches site to support black businesses around the country

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Bitch media collected 20 pop culture moments that sparked readers’ feminism

Demoralized Democrats have a roadmap for success in Trump’s America. It was written by Jesse Jackson.

Here are the sanctuary cities ready to resist Trump’s deportation threats

Queen Sugar spent its first season becoming the most political show on TV

Spitting landed an HIV-positive man in prison for 35 years. Spitting doesn’t transmit HIV.

Trump’s HHS pick thinks there’s “not one” woman who can’t afford contraception

Thousands of veterans to form a human shield around Standing Rock protestors

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Why prisoners across the country have gone on strike

Kiese Laymon on his relationship to the American flag in “What I Pledge Allegiance To”

A federal court ruled that employers can fire people just for having dreadlocks 

Massachusetts’s highest court: black people may flee from police due to fear of profiling

Aisha Harris and Jen Richards talk about problems with casting cisgender men as transgender women

Immigrants aren’t taking Americans’ jobs, new study finds

Elizabeth Warren just gave Hillary Clinton a big warning

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Becoming an abortion provider in red state America

A state-by-state list of the lies abortion doctors are forced to tell women

Study: #BlackLivesMatter hashtag has encouraged racial discourse

Free-range parenting is a privilege for the white and affluent

Immigration is probably the best way to fight crime

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MONTREAL, QC - MAY 23:  (Exclusive Coverage) Prince performs onstage with 3RDEYEGIRL during his "HitnRun" tour at Bell Centre on May 23, 2015 in Montreal, Canada.  (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NPG Records 2015)

Prince spent his life elevating and mentoring women.

If your doctor won’t give you an IUD because you haven’t had kids, you need a new doctor.

Jury finds Tulsa volunteer deputy guilty of killing unarmed black man.

A compassionate judge sentences a veteran to 24 hours in jail, then joins him behind bars.

Why this restaurant only employs undocumented immigrants.

A police shooting spurs young actors to reclaim neighborhood identity.

Send a card to an immigrant mother in detention for Mother’s Day.

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The delightful, very pink world of lady-centric swag at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

ICE took his fiance days before their wedding. Now they’re getting married inside a detention center.

This new study punches holes in the red-state push for abortion counseling.

In oral arguments for the Texas abortion case, the three female justices upend the Supreme Court’s balance of power.

DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz helpfully demonstrates everything Bernie Sanders hates about the Democratic establishment.

Clarence Thomas broke his 10-year silence to complain that domestic abusers can’t have guns.

There are still politicians who think you can’t get pregnant from rape.

A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works.

Mya Taylor became the first transgender actress to win a major film award.

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Even on eBay women makes less money than men.

Jamilah King: how black women like me reckon with America’s political process.

GOP candidates likely don’t want you to know this fact about undocumented immigrants.

As rental prices rise, women stay in bad relationships to survive.

US military releases bizarre paper claiming wearing hijab is “passive terrorism.”

Rebecca Traister on how single women became the most powerful voting bloc.

What it’s really like to work in Hollywood if you’re not a straight white man.

Last Week Tonight takes on laws that are making abortion inaccessible around the country.