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Why kids’ movies have so many happy poor people.

The power of giving free haircuts to the homeless.

ICE agents lure undocumented immigrant out of a church using fake text messages.

The number of white dudes becoming federal judges has plummeted under Obama.

South Dakota just became the first state to pass an anti-transgender student bathroom bill.

“You should smile”: TV comedy takes on everyday harassment.

A brief list of terrible things white celebrities have said about #OscarsSoWhite.

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An innovative new program teaches Bay Area jail inmates gardening skills.

Ann Friedman analyzes Republican candidates’ attempts to pick a woman to put on the $10 bill.

Comedian Sarah Silverman says being put off by “political correctness” is “a sign of being old.” 

Here are 8 terms you can use instead of “anchor baby.”

Chicago Sun-Times writer says sex workers cannot be raped.

Matt Damon inadvertently demonstrates why Hollywood isn’t more diverse.

Immigrant woman could face deportation after she tried to go to the doctor.

Twitter was not amused by Vanity Fair’s celebration of late-night TV’s sausage fest.

If you like Return of the Jedi but hate the Ewoks, you understand feminist criticism.

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Music writer’s Twitter feed exposes industry’s harsh sexism, marginalization.

Opponents of abortion rights, including those convicted of violent crimes, are digging up details about patients and doctors.

What would happen if we repealed birthright citizenship.

The case against cash bail.

Actually, Hillary, hearts do change.

Questioning Trump’s insane immigration plan doesn’t make Jorge Ramos an “activist.”

Doctor pens anonymous essay recounting sexual misconduct in operating rooms.

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Indiewire offers 5 most daring portrayals of female sexuality in movies.

Mother Jones obtained documents showing how local police forces try to justify their requests for military gear.

Bill Cosby mocked sexual assault laws and affirmative consent in a 1999 book.

White kids get medicated when they misbehave, black kids get suspended–or arrested.

Huntington Park, CA appointed two undocumented immigrants to local government positions.

The faces and fake names of the people behind the Planned Parenthood attack videos.

Margaret Talbot on watching Sandra Bland.

Black Lives Matter protesters adopt Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” as a protest chant.

Criminalization does not help sex workers.


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International Women's Day 100th anniversary poster by Favianna Rodriguez
International Women’s Day 100th anniversary poster by Favianna Rodriguez

Happy International Women’s Day!

Faith groups that provide services to immigrants are trying to block emergency contraception for raped migrant children.

The indispensable Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Ferguson report.

9 egregious examples of racism from the Ferguson report.

Stop calling children’s gun deaths “accidental.”

Jessica Valenti on the importance of angry female politicians.

Study shows female-led films bring greater return on investment.

John Travolta, Joe Biden, and why men touch women’s bodies without asking.

Why reporting sexual abuse in the military is inherent unfair.


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A gift for all the kids in your life: Rad American Women A-Z.

Republicans say Obama’s immigration actions make us unsafe, but cops are all for them.

Lily Tomlin in a movie about a grandmother helping her granddaughter find money to pay for an abortion? Yes, please.

Trademarking of “drone” phrases is already out of hand.

Lindy West confronts a troll who impersonated her dead father.

A leaked memo shows that Twitter realizes they “suck” at dealing with such trolls.

Kaitlyn Mitchell at Bitch crunches some numbers on how much stage time female comedians get.

Don’t worry, Fox News is looking out for men and the horrible ways they’re stereotyped and misrepresented in films.

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Check out The Fatherhood Project, photographing “everyday fatherhood among black men.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about reckoning with sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby.

Forget the pundits: reactions to Obama’s speech from immigrants who will be affected.

This flow chart shows which immigrants benefit from the new policy.

What cops are thinking when a woman reports a rape.

Reminder that catcalling is not just a harmless act: a man was stabbed 9 times after asking a man to stop harassing his girlfriend.

A news anchor wore the same suit for one year to make a point about sexism in television.

48 trans women and men who changed the world.