10 books for our current political moment

We can hardly predict what the next four years hold for us, but the signs are anything but encouraging. We need to steel ourselves for the fight ahead, learn from the past and find comfort and encouragement anywhere we can, including books.

Here is some recommended reading for your holidays that feels just right for our political moment: Continue reading “10 books for our current political moment”

Wednesday watch: No Extremists Here

Many politicians, including those who stand up against blatant Islamophobia spouted by people like Donald Trump, still perpetuate harmful ideas of Muslim communities’ responsibility for stopping terrorism.

Watch Fusion producer Yasmin Nouh explain why this rhetoric is so harmful.


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A bystander’s guide to standing up against Islamophobic harassment 

4 really disturbing ways jail is much worse for women than men

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Holiday BINGO: conversations you don’t want to have but maybe should

holiday bingo card

Everyone has that one relative or acquaintance back in their hometown who is a ticking time bomb, ready to let loose with a “We need to keep the Muslims out!” or a “The only class war is against the rich!”   Continue reading “Holiday BINGO: conversations you don’t want to have but maybe should”

Weekend reading


Political activists unite to remind Americans as racism flourishes: #WeAreBetterThanThis

The 13 women who accused a cop of sexual assault, in their own words.

Black students respond to affirmative action hearing with #StayMadAbby.

Adam Gopnik dismantles 6 myths from the gun debate.

IBM apologizes for demeaning women engineers with new commercial.

First these cops shot 140 bullets at a black couple. Then they complained about reverse racism.

There are 44 NFL players who have been accused of physical or sexual assault.

Black Lives Matter takes on police union contracts.

Dutch pranksters trick people with “Quran” passages from the Bible.

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Relationship advice from comedian Amy Schumer.

Alyssa Rosenberg offers 24 books for a year of reading only work by women.

The verdict in the Ellen Pao gender discrimination case shows how difficult it is for some people to recognize sexism that isn’t overt.

Why it matters that the International Criminal Court is now run by three women.

A horrifying story about a black woman who was locked in a psych ward for 8 days because cops didn’t believe she was a successful business woman.

There’s not a single all-male board among the UK’s largest companies.

Report finds 80% of anti-Muslim attacks on France are against women.

A comic by Erika Moen about the science of abortion.

A poem by a Starbucks barista that reveals the ridiculousness of their failed #RaceTogether campaign.

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The first couple to get married when marriage equality reached Alabama.

Finally dealing with campus rape means that some men will have it tougher.

A New Jersey judge ruled that claiming to “cure” gay people is consumer fraud.

13 awesome podcasts bringing black voices to the mic.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are still five times more common today than before 9/11.

A new textbook could revolutionize the way students learn about reproductive rights.

New York is illegally shackling inmates during labor.

Celebrate your right to vote with these vintage suffragette valentines.

Weekend reading


Why 2014 could be a turning point for the US’s racist criminal justice system.

Black cops get racially profiled too.

Stop asking Muslims to condemn terrorism.

Indiewire’s best women-directed films of 2014.

Twitter isn’t taking rape and death threats against women seriously.

Why “Selma” is a great biopic that also speaks to our current moment.

Weekend reading


Iranian women protest misogynist acid attacks.

16 things women were told they couldn’t do this year.

Many people who grew up loving “The Cosby Show” don’t want to remember, but comedian Hannibal Buress reminded his audience about the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby.

Hari Kondabolu offers a compromise for dealing with the Washington football team’s racist name.

Yes, mass shootings are occurring more often.

Laurie Abraham talks about not regretting her two abortions and how those decisions impacted her life.

Today in Islamophobia: a City Council member randomly asks a constituent from the Muslim Student Association to denounce Sharia law.