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Indiewire offers 5 most daring portrayals of female sexuality in movies.

Mother Jones obtained documents showing how local police forces try to justify their requests for military gear.

Bill Cosby mocked sexual assault laws and affirmative consent in a 1999 book.

White kids get medicated when they misbehave, black kids get suspended–or arrested.

Huntington Park, CA appointed two undocumented immigrants to local government positions.

The faces and fake names of the people behind the Planned Parenthood attack videos.

Margaret Talbot on watching Sandra Bland.

Black Lives Matter protesters adopt Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” as a protest chant.

Criminalization does not help sex workers.



Weekend reading

photo via Indiewire
photo via Indiewire

10 female directors who deserve more attention from Hollywood (Of the many great film suggestions to be found in this piece, I especially recommend Night Catches Us, pictured above.)

On a related note, you can help fund a mentorship program for female filmmakers to correct the enormous gender disparity in film.

The outrageous new parental consent law in Alabama allows the state to call witnesses to testify against a teen seeking an abortion and appoints a lawyer for the fetus.

California has passed some groundbreaking laws this year, including becoming the first state to banish the “gay panic” defense.

A new study finds that it’s harder for women to leave abusive relationships if they’re denied access to abortion.

Some police departments want to return military gear, but the Pentagon won’t take it back.

The essence of gender roles in action movies, in one supercut.


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A hilarious take on “dad feminism” from The Toast.

It’s not just police departments–some school districts are reportedly getting free military gear from the Pentagon.

A video from the World Science Festival shows how unreliable eyewitness identification is.

How many women are in prison for defending themselves against domestic violence?

9 tips for police to prevent civilian shootings.

A student and a faculty adviser are suspended from the school newspaper for refusing to print a racist sports team name.

25 famous women on not having children.

Worst father of the year award goes to the Missouri lawmaker who is suing to deny his daughters birth control access.

What we must remember after Ferguson

photo via slate.com
photo via slate.com

Every time there is a tragedy like the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we are reminded of the many lessons our society has sadly failed to learn. It’s wrenching to watch yet another family grieve a young person who paid the ultimate price thanks to racism and institutional failure. As we fight for justice for Michael Brown and others, we must also highlight the lessons that will help our country prevent these tragedies in the future.  Continue reading “What we must remember after Ferguson”