10 books for our current political moment

We can hardly predict what the next four years hold for us, but the signs are anything but encouraging. We need to steel ourselves for the fight ahead, learn from the past and find comfort and encouragement anywhere we can, including books.

Here is some recommended reading for your holidays that feels just right for our political moment: Continue reading “10 books for our current political moment”


5 podcasts by women of color you should know

I’m on vacation right now, and as a serious podcast nerd I am most certainly spending a lot of time catching up on my favorite podcasts. There’s a lot to love about the medium, but one of the best things is the platform it gives to people who are sadly underrepresented in traditional media. Here are five of my favorite podcasts helmed by women of color that I highly recommend.  Continue reading “5 podcasts by women of color you should know”

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