5 podcasts by women of color you should know

I’m on vacation right now, and as a serious podcast nerd I am most certainly spending a lot of time catching up on my favorite podcasts. There’s a lot to love about the medium, but one of the best things is the platform it gives to people who are sadly underrepresented in traditional media. Here are five of my favorite podcasts helmed by women of color that I highly recommend.  Continue reading “5 podcasts by women of color you should know”


Enhance your holiday travel with these podcasts hosted by women


As I take off for the holidays, I’ll be updating some posts featuring feminist culture you can enjoy on your travels or in your holiday downtime. Today I’m adding to my previous post of fabulous podcasts hosted by fabulous women.  Continue reading “Enhance your holiday travel with these podcasts hosted by women”

10 fabulous podcasts hosted by fabulous women

Lauren Lapkus

Like many things in our culture, the burgeoning world of podcasting has been dominated by men. But Alex Madison at Bitch Magazine has a great piece about why women’s voices are becoming more prominent in the medium. Women host two of the top three podcasts on iTunes, Serial and the new Invisibilia. I am a huge podcast nerd and spend just about any spare moment I can find with my earbuds in working through my constantly updating feed. In the spirit of highlighting kickass women in podcasting, here are my recommendations for podcasts hosted by women to add to the ones Madison highlights in her piece.

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