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A hilarious take on “dad feminism” from The Toast.

It’s not just police departments–some school districts are reportedly getting free military gear from the Pentagon.

A video from the World Science Festival shows how unreliable eyewitness identification is.

How many women are in prison for defending themselves against domestic violence?

9 tips for police to prevent civilian shootings.

A student and a faculty adviser are suspended from the school newspaper for refusing to print a racist sports team name.

25 famous women on not having children.

Worst father of the year award goes to the Missouri lawmaker who is suing to deny his daughters birth control access.


What we must remember after Ferguson

photo via slate.com
photo via slate.com

Every time there is a tragedy like the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, we are reminded of the many lessons our society has sadly failed to learn. It’s wrenching to watch yet another family grieve a young person who paid the ultimate price thanks to racism and institutional failure. As we fight for justice for Michael Brown and others, we must also highlight the lessons that will help our country prevent these tragedies in the future.  Continue reading “What we must remember after Ferguson”

Weekend reading


Workers trying to unionize appeal to Sheryl Sandberg to Lean In for them when she visits the Harvard campus.

There’s a lot of great stuff in this post by comedian Chris Gethard about seeing his high school self in Elliot Rodger and overcoming your programming to be a better man.

Why it’s hard for men to see misogyny.

Think we can’t increase the minimum wage? Michigan did it with a Republican legislature and governor.

The Tumblr When Women Refuse chronicles violence against women who reject men’s sexual advances.

People rewrite stupid sexist headlines.

Angela Davis speaks at President Obama’s home church about the epidemic of police violence.

A sobering gif shows abortion clinics disappearing in the South.

A new book about women of color in prison for defending themselves will support Marissa Alexander’s legal defense.

An open letter exposing how women are treated in the tech industry.