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Comedian Liz Miele invents feminist sex positions.

Brittney Cooper on “Selma” and the clueless white gaze.

Why “Selma” is more than fair to LBJ.

Bjork calls out sexism in the music industry.

A teacher in Mississippi found a creative solution to get around prohibitions on demonstrating proper condom use.

In another reminder about why focusing so much on women’s drinking is problematic, a football player’s lawyer is blaming “campus drinking culture” for rape.


From Ferguson to UVA, we have to stop blaming the victim


How many times have you heard the excuses? She shouldn’t have had so much to drink. Her skirt shouldn’t have been so short. She shouldn’t have been at that place, at that time, with those people.

The same urge to blame the victim is in full, outrage-inducing force with the recent high profile cases of police violence. Michael Brown was a thug. Eric Garner was obese.  Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was a threat.

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WalMart workers organized their biggest Black Friday protest ever.

When everyone is a feminist, is anyone?

Students at Eckerd College issued a powerful rebuke to their president’s victim-blaming.

Jelani Cobb examines the complicated intersections of the rape allegations against Bill Cosby, stereotypes about black men, and moralizing about black culture.

How long does your state give rape survivors to pursue justice?

Yes, Ferguson is about race.

Vox offers a rundown of the facts about the tragic killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by police in Cleveland.

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Check out The Fatherhood Project, photographing “everyday fatherhood among black men.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates talks about reckoning with sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby.

Forget the pundits: reactions to Obama’s speech from immigrants who will be affected.

This flow chart shows which immigrants benefit from the new policy.

What cops are thinking when a woman reports a rape.

Reminder that catcalling is not just a harmless act: a man was stabbed 9 times after asking a man to stop harassing his girlfriend.

A news anchor wore the same suit for one year to make a point about sexism in television.

48 trans women and men who changed the world.

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What it would look like if Marvel drew male superheroes the way they draw females ones.

A Marine Corps veteran rants against rape jokes in the military.

How does a 9-year-old come to shoot a fully automatic weapon?

California passed a law requiring affirmative consent on college campuses.

Kat Stoeffel makes the case for objectifying men without guilt.

11 better ways to deal with rape than nail polish.

I read George Will’s column so you don’t have to

Students protests Stanford's handling of sexual assault. Via Slate.
Students protests Stanford’s handling of sexual assault. Via Slate.

Actually, there’s very little reason for anyone, myself included, to read a column by George Will, but people keep printing them. Will is coming under fire this week for a preposterous column in which he claims that being a victim of sexual assault has become a “coveted status” that “confers privileges.” Because this is the new hip trend everyone wants to be a part of , “victims proliferate.” At no point does he list what these privileges are and why women would be so eager to claim this status.  Continue reading “I read George Will’s column so you don’t have to”

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Street art about the World Cup and poverty in Brazil goes viral.

28 non-pornographic things that have been described as “porn for women.”

Poor women aren’t having babies for money, and we need to stop punishing them.

The hilarious Cameron Esposito on what it’s like to be a woman in comedy.

Fun with feminist tumblrs: Feminist Frank and Saving Room for Cats.

Ideas for how to be a male feminist.

Amy Poehler on women who don’t like to use the term feminist: “But I don’t get it. That’s like someone being like, ‘I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it.’ ”

Women respond to common excuses for rape. Also, women aren’t being brainwashed into saying they were raped.

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The Because of Them, We Can Project “connect[s] a new generation to heroes who have paved the way” with photos of kids as inspiring figures of the past and present.

Amanda Hess calls for an end to the condescending, sexist trope of “how to explain [complicated thing] to your mom.”

Stand your ground law is poised to get even worse in Florida.

How “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection” raises gendered ideas about men schooling women about music.

A rich white man gets no jail time for raping a three-year-old because he “will not fare well” in prison. (Petition here).

Willa Paskin on Inside Amy Schumer as the most sneakily feminist show on television.

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A new ad campaign in Scotland focuses on teaching men not to rape.

A Twitter user kicks off a conversation that dispels myths about the way women dress contributing to sexual assault.

On the heels of the wildly successful Between Two Ferns video with President Obama, Mother Jones looks at Funny or Die’s commitment to spreading political messages through satire.

How black thought leaders are left out of conversations about public intellectuals.

Eight black female inventors you might not know.

The Florida prosecutor who bungled George Zimmerman’s prosecution leads the state in death sentences against black men. She’s also trying to put Marissa Alexander behind bars for 60 years. Several organizations are mobilizing to tell Gov. Rick Scott to get rid of her as state attorney.

An abortion doctor and former colleague of George Tiller’s wins a victory in her fight against a conservative medical board in Kansas.

The claimed victimhood of Michael Dunn and Paula Deen


Let’s start with a quiz. Being convicted of attempted murder after actually murdering an unarmed black teenager is:

(a) a sad miscarriage of justice
(b) disappointing, but at least some measure of punishment for a heinous act
(c) a clear sign of racism embedded in our culture and judicial system
(d) like being raped

If you answered (d), you would probably get along with Michael Dunn. The man who shot and killed Jordan Davis had his ludicrous use of self-defense validated by some members of the jury, leading to a mistrial on the murder charge. It turns out his views on women are about as enlightened as his views on race (which aren’t remotely ambiguous given his abhorrent prison letters).

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