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Hundreds of Harvard students walk out of class as dining hall workers’ strike enters third week

The verdict for those armed militants who took over a federal building is white privilege in action

Don’t use girls as props to fight trans rights

A window into Texas’ publicly funded fake abortion clinics

Why doesn’t spending time with women make men less sexist?

My wife’s killer was not an ‘illegal immigrant’

Women will direct every episode of Jessica Jones season 2

The UK will pardon thousands of men convicted under draconian anti-gay laws

Weekend reading


How to tell if your religious liberties are being violated.

NPR shares the sad story of a black man who whistles songs from Frozen to appear less threatening to people.

The Advocate celebrates the trans women of color featured in this year’s Trans 100.

National Review thinks calling a member of Congress “exotic” and “beautiful” is appropriate and relevant to talking about her foreign policy experience.

So, so, so wrong: Nashville prosecutors reportedly offered women plea bargains in exchange for sterilization.

In a new book, 16 writers take on the stigma of not having kids.

Bitch Magazine’s podcast Popaganda looks at progressive causes that use problematic tactics, including talking to major offender PETA.

Weekend reading

photo via Slate
photo via Slate

A new report gives advice to female candidates.

Seven major Supreme Court cases on reproductive rights, union organizing and more that will be decided this month.

I’m really excited for the new film Obvious Child, starring the hilarious Jenny Slate and showing an abortion story we don’t usually see in movies.

On a related note, if you’re looking for movies written by, directed by and/or starring women, IndieWire does a weekly roundup.

The New York Times on the need for a compassionate response to the increase in undocumented children crossing the border.

The Toast amusingly tells you how to talk to babies about gender theory.

Famous authors offer thoughts on feminism.

Happy birthday to actress and transgender rights activist Laverne Cox.

I’m looking forward to seeing Key & Peele introduce the Hillary Clinton anger translator.